Capture Education provides solutions to streamline the placement, scheduling, tracking, and reporting of students, bridging the gap between their education and career.

Tonya Slonaker | Guidance Counselor at Russia Local School District

Advanced Scheduling Technology (AST)

ScheduleSMART AST allows you to create student-centered master schedules in as little as two days. Use our flexible platform to customize your schedules, with the constraints that are unique to your school.

Pathway Advancement to College and Career (PACC)

ScheduleSMART PACC is a flexible software that provides students, parents, counselors, and schools full control, automation, and visibility in the student pathways selection and completion process.

Pathway Advancement to College and Career For Business (PACC-B)

ScheduleSMART PACC for Business (PACC-B) is a flexible software that allows businesses to create pathways for schools that students can complete to fulfill open positions.