In the world of business, your company is only as talented as your talent itself. Finding the right talent to fill the right positions at the right time doesn’t have to depend on a stroke of luck or magic. In fact, implementing career pathways internally for your existing workforce and then introducing these pathways externally to schools and other entities is all it takes to head in the right direction. This allows you to actively participate in the skills acquisition and career advancement of your staff, and can help you fulfill job vacancies with qualified candidates months or even years in advance. This is the power of career pathways.

When introducing career pathways to schools, think about how you can work alongside them to offer the appropriate curriculum. You can offer apprenticeships, internships, or even provide the instructor to teach the skills crucial to your business. Knowing which of your positions or departments are in high demand or routinely experience turnover allows you to fill those gaps with career pathway requirements. When working with other entities like the military, veterans, correctional institutes, unemployment agencies, industry associations, or any other group in the community, work alongside them to understand how to evaluate individuals, determine their pathway direction, and monitor progress.

Once your pathways are in place around the community, you’ll have an effective talent pool of potential employees to fill your position vacancies. The best part is, they’ll be trained with the right skills. Creating customized career pathways, both internally and externally, means you’ll be armed with talent trained to your unique specifications. To see how Capture Education can help your business create and implement career pathways, attend a 15-minute webinar or view our Prezi here: PACC Prezi