Apprenticeships + Focused Coursework = Highly Skilled Workforce

What if students had the opportunity to earn while they learn, and graduate college debt-free? That’s becoming a reality for community college students across the state of Ohio as they complete apprenticeships while pursuing careers in well-paying industries that need workers. ApprenticeOhio is partnering up with 10 community colleges to offer classroom and on-the-job training to help apprentices learn the skills and meet the needs of a 21st century workplace. This provides businesses with a skilled, motivated, and productive workforce. It’s a win-win-win for schools, businesses, and students.


When schools and businesses align to fill the career gap, powerful things can happen. It’s becoming vital to support student learning through career exposure and work-based experiences so that today’s workforce is prepared for a successful future. One way to ensure the gap is filled is to create personal career pathways that support students in furthering their education or pursuing a career. Personalized career pathways and apprenticeships create a uniquely skilled talent pool to meet job demands in an increasingly difficult period of recruitment and retention.


There are many students today hesitant to take on student loan debt. When schools partner with local colleges or businesses to offer alternatives, they can train students for specific skills and job-specific requirements to create a highly skilled workforce that’s set up for continued, lifelong success. To learn how Capture Education can help schools and businesses create career pathways to fill in-demand jobs, contact us.