Last week, we had the pleasure of attending SuccessBound, an initiative by the Ohio Department of Education which brings together schools, businesses, students, families, and communities to help each reach their fullest potential. We saw first-hand how strong business and school partnerships can engage and inspire students throughout their education. There’s a knowledge gap for many students who are unaware of the career opportunities and pathways available to them beyond high school graduation. When there’s an open dialogue about what skills are needed to succeed in the economy today, steps can be taken to fulfill those needs with a well-educated and talented workforce. SuccessBound is helping students find and pursue their passions, and creating lifelong learners in the community. In short, it’s redefining success.


Students that explore career options sooner rather than later and utilize educational resources and training opportunities to help them reach their career goals are on the right track. Earning college credit and key industry-recognized credentials helps to jump-start their future and helps them avoid accruing student loan debt. When they take stock of the skills and resources they need for the career of their choosing, they’re prepared for their next step. Having an end goal in mind and a checklist along the way motivates and empowers students along their path. It helps them to become responsible and invested in their futures. It sets them up for success. And successful students pave the way for a bright future ahead.


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