It all begins with a pathway built for student success

A recent article revealed some shocking truths about student loan debt. In Ohio, two-thirds of all students have student loan debt, with the average amount reaching over $30,000 per student. Equally as staggering is the fact that 8% of Ohio residents over the age of 50 still have some amount of student loans remaining. Some predict these results will have Ohio high school graduates racing for the workforce upon graduation, in order to avoid the monetary burden of student loans. While that might be true for some and not for others, high schools can still do a much better job of preparing students for college or career so that they can make informed decisions about their future. It all begins with a pathway that’s built for student success.


I’ve talked before about why career exploration needs to happen sooner rather than later. This exposes students to pathway options available to them in high school and beyond, well before their freshman year. When high schools create their pathways purposefully and go the extra mile to partner with local colleges, vocational schools, or businesses, they can expand their course offerings and outsource specialized courses to create tailored student pathways. They can train students for specific skills or job specific requirements for in-demand positions through pathways designed by companies. Pathways that are designed to offer more focused coursework better prepare high school graduates for entry into the workforce or post-secondary education.


Capture Education has the Career Pathway tools that can help schools and businesses define pathways for student success, whether that translates to a job hire upon graduation based on pathway completion or a jump-start on college courses or credit from a pathway partnership, which reduces the financial cost of student loans. The true cost of student loan debt isn’t just the final figure, but rather all the missed opportunities along the way to best prepare for the future through a well-designed personal career pathway. To learn more about Capture Education and our Career Pathway solutions, please contact us.