Colleges are struggling to recruit and keep students. A recent article in the Guardian depicts the weight of this burden in higher education institutions across the UK, and it’s something we’re beginning to feel a lot closer to home. The attitude of high school graduates is changing and many don’t want to take on student loan debt. Others aren’t quite sure which path to take or where to begin. Whether high school students are on a pathway to an in-demand career upon graduation or taking pathway courses for college credit, when they have a clear pathway finish line it changes the game and fuels motivation. A well-defined personal career pathway sets students up for a successful future.


When high schools create their pathways purposefully and take the extra step to partner with local businesses, vocational schools, or colleges, they can expand their course offerings and outsource specialized courses to create custom student pathways. They can train students for job-specific requirements or specialized skills for in-demand positions. When pathways are refined to offer more focused coursework, they better prepare high school graduates for entry into the workforce or post-secondary education. There are tools that can help schools and businesses define these pathways for student success, whether that translates to a job hire upon graduation based on pathway completion or a jump-start on college courses from a pathway partnership.


Being in a pathway with an end-goal to reach, rather than pursuing a degree without a major in mind or being unsure of what’s next after high school or college, helps to alleviate the pressure on schools to find bright students and helps to keep those bright students enrolled and engaged in whichever path they pursue.


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