Welcome to the newly redesigned Capture Education website! I sincerely hope you enjoy the new look and feel, and find the layout intuitive and easy to navigate.

Capture Education has seen significant changes within the last year. We’ve released product enhancements to the Capture Suite, including updates to Pathway Advancement to College and Career (PACC) and the addition of PACC for Business (PACC-B). We’re excited to provide these flexible software offerings that allow students and schools the ability to participate in and offer career pathways, as well as potential employers the ability to determine which jobs are in-demand and what specific skills and expertise are needed to fulfill job requirements for each.

We’re working hard to involve educational institutions, businesses, workforce development groups, and key community and government personnel in more frequent, in-depth discussions on how to improve pathway processes so that, together, we can create successful futures. Be on the lookout for our monthly roundtables to join the conversation.

In all that we do, we ask you to give us feedback and share your ideas. As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

Gene Lawhun, President