Pathway Advancement to College and Career

In today’s modern world, many schools are stuck in the past. Counselors and school administrators are still relying on outdated, manual methods for everything from pathway and career exploration to tracking and reporting student pathway progressions…that is, until Pathway Advancement to College and Career (PACC) came along. PACC is a flexible software that provides students, parents, counselors, and schools full control, automation, and visibility in the student pathway selection and completion process. Here are four ways you can utilize PACC to help students choose and finish a school pathway that leads to a successful future.


Student Interest Surveys

While there are many software applications students can use to explore and select pathways of interest to them, PACC creates bias-free recommendations based on Holland coding through an easy-to-use student interest survey. This provides more fitting pathway recommendations that closely aligns students’ interests with available courses they’re eligible to take. If another career exploration survey or tool is used, PACC can track those third-party test results.


Automatically Generated Course Requests

Selecting a pathway is just the first step. Afterwards, you’ll want to take those results and place students into the right courses to begin their pathway journey. PACC allows you to automatically generate course requests for each student based on inputted student data from your school’s student information system (SIS). These requests are seamlessly input into ScheduleSMART, which automates student progressions to graduation.


Flexible Reporting Options

Once a student is enrolled into a pathway and working towards completion, PACC ensures flexible reporting options on student pathway progression for counselors and administrators to measure and improve school performance and student success. PACC also includes a cutting-edge Industry Certification Tracking Tool which aggregates data that districts collect, so that student progress can be easily reviewed and reported.


Portal Access for Students, Parents, and Counselors

A portal enables students, parents, and counselors to view and manage generated course requests and pathway progress, as well as the ability to evaluate alternative pathways a student may be considering. The portal can include custom pathways, either created by schools or by local businesses, and pre-loaded state required course progressions to help students become more aware of opportunities and keep them on track to satisfy requirements.


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