Focus Your Efforts

We recently talked about how easy it can be to create your school’s pathways. It’s not uncommon, however, to become overwhelmed from the start because you forget to break it down and take it step-by-step. By rolling out your school’s pathway offerings over time with thoughtful planning, you’ll be best poised for success in the years to come. All you really need to do is, “Think of many things; do one.”

To get started, evaluate your current course offerings. Are there state requirements in place in your state that determine which courses need to be completed for graduation? Do you provide different options for earning a diploma? Start thinking about and treating your current offerings like pathways, such as general graduation or graduation with honors, then set goals for expanding your pathway options in the future. A focused brainstorming session will help you to narrow down your options and begin to solidify your future offerings.

Once you’ve decided which pathway(s) you’ll offer and what your future goals are with respect to each, you’ll need to set up your pathways and build out your course progressions. Begin with prerequisites for each course and work your way toward total pathway completion. Course progression will be used to determine how one progresses through all pathways, making this setup required only for the first year. New courses and tweaks to existing prerequisites will be all that’s required from that point forward, year after year. This will allow you to focus on how to offer more pathways. Pathways can be state-defined, customized for your school, community-specific through a corporate partner, or any combination of these.

It can be overwhelming when you first embark on your pathway planning and implementation process. That’s why it’s best to start with what you already have and build upon it over time. Capture Education can help you focus your efforts when creating your school’s pathways. We also offer an option that does most of the setup work for you. Let us show you how schools are currently using Pathway Advancement to College and Career (PACC) to simplify and improve student career pathways when you attend one of our upcoming webinars.