Building for the Future

Creating school pathways doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, when you break it down into manageable parts, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. You’ll lay the foundation in the beginning, establish success as you continue, and build upon that success to meet your needs in the years to come.


In the first year, focusing your efforts is key. By evaluating your current course offerings, you can best determine what pathway(s) you’d like to offer in the future. Building out course progressions starting with prerequisites lays the groundwork and sets your pathways in motion. The hard work is done! The second year should be all about establishing pathway success. By choosing one or more pathways to implement and partnering with local colleges or businesses to bring them to life, you can begin to test your options and see what works best.


During year three, building off of what you’ve created in the first two years will increase your pathway offerings naturally over time. These pathways can be state-defined and/or community partnerships but the goal should always be to meet your school’s needs and anticipate how those needs will change from year-to-year. Creating career-focused pathways that lead to in-demand job openings and providing work-based learning, apprenticeships, internships, or other hands-on opportunities to students through their pathway progressions will pave the way for continued success.


Capture Education can help you create student pathways from the very first step you take. Let us show you how schools are currently using Pathway Advancement to College and Career (PACC) to create school pathways when you schedule a demo.