School Pathway

School pathways can be complex, but they don’t have to be difficult to create. Still, you might be wondering where to begin when it comes to implementing pathways for students in your school or district. Why not take it year by year, and rollout your school’s pathway offerings over time instead of all at once? With a multi-year plan in place, you can set your pathway process in motion right now and watch as the benefits begin to unfold over time.

Year one of the pathway planning process should serve to set your goals for the years to come. You might currently find yourself in this situation and are deciding which pathways to offer for your students, whether it be your state’s CTE pathways or your own customized graduation pathways. When you provide more opportunities to students, they gain a better idea of what they want to accomplish throughout their education and where they see their trajectory progressing after high school. This first year you’ll build the foundation for course progressions that will be used in every pathway from this point forward making each year easier to implement new pathways.

In year two, you might begin to implement some or all of your pathway options to get a feel for how students will respond. This is the perfect time to collect feedback and determine how to expand your course offerings by partnering with local colleges, vocational schools or businesses, or outsourcing specialized courses to eliminate the need to hire career-specific teachers. This allows you to offer unique courses or specific training to enhance the education experience and complete pathway requirements.

The final year of your pathway implementation process is when you’ll really hit the ground running, offering full-blown pathway opportunities. This can also include pathways created by businesses that can lead to jobs right out of school. After you’ve tested your student market to see what works best, you can refine and hone your offerings to meet the unique needs of your student body. The best part is, you can always add new pathways as demands shift and change over the years to come.

Pathway Advancement to College and Career (PACC) is the perfect tool to help you along your pathway journey. It allows you to set up any pathways you currently have and add more as they’re implemented to allow students to see what opportunities they have and how best to pursue them. To learn more about how Capture Education can help your school create pathways, contact us or schedule a demo.