According to a recent report published by The Education Trust, less than 10% of high school graduates complete a curriculum that prepares them for college or a career. While many factors contribute to this statistic, an effective curriculum for college and career readiness begins with a well-defined pathway. Step by step, career pathways must be built for success.


In order for counselors and schools to help students choose the best pathway for them, they must first collect data that will drive their recommendations. Our PACC software provides an easy-to-use interest survey that creates bias-free pathway recommendations for students based on Holland coding. This survey ties directly into corporate and state pathways. As education moves toward more pathway-focused curriculum, state defined and student selected pathways are becoming the new normal. These pathways are designed to offer more focused coursework to better prepare high school graduates for entry into the workforce or postsecondary education.


As students progress through their chosen career pathway, how can you make sure they stay on track to complete it? PACC can be fully customized to the needs of your learning community. It aggregates data that your district collects, empowering you to easily review student progress toward program completion. PACC also provides flexible reporting options on student pathway progression, including the Certification Tracking Tool, for counselors and administrators to measure and improve school performance and student success.


PACC works with almost any student information system. It’s a flexible solution that provides full visibility and optimizing capabilities in the pathway completion process. To learn more, schedule a demo to see how to put your school and your students on the path to success.