The Pathways Challenge

Career Pathways allow students to develop their core academic, technical, and employ-ability skills to align with the needs of industries. Career pathways provide the skills to transition into and through the workforce. By completing a well-rounded education that applies academic knowledge to real-world experiences, students are best prepared for a wide array of professions. Other principles of a well-rounded education ensure:


  • All learners are empowered to choose a meaningful education and career
  • All learning is personalized and flexible
  • All learning is facilitated by knowledgeable experts
  • All entities involved work together to put learner success first


States are using these guiding principles to clearly define career pathways and requiring schools to implement student pathway selection, monitoring, and reporting to measure success. There are tools currently available for career pathway exploration and selection, but not for managing, monitoring, or reporting the pathway completion process…that is, until now.


ScheduleSMART is changing the game when it comes to pathways. Our flexible software solution provides students, parents, counselors, and schools full visibility and optimizing capabilities in the student pathway completion process. It can connect schools to businesses to train students to specific job requirements. It can also help schools partner with local colleges or vocational schools to expand their course offerings and outsource specialized courses, eliminating the need to hire career-specific teachers. It can even help to ensure students complete their pathway.


By preparing students from day one of their education, they will become more highly-trained and highly-skilled additions to the world that awaits them on day one of their careers. Contact us to learn more.