Schools and Businesses Working Together

Recruiting the right talent at the right time is a challenge for many employers. Keeping this talent is harder still. Businesses today are often left to hire based upon the skill sets students acquire in high school or college with little to no input as to what skills are actually needed to drive success. They must search tirelessly for qualified candidates or provide on-the-job training of these necessary skills, costing them lots of time and money. What if businesses made a resolution this year to play a more active role in the learning process from the very start, and in turn successfully fulfilled their open positions months or even years in advance? This is the reality when business introduce career pathways externally to schools and other entities in their communities.


To create a future where talent acquisition and retention is much more fruitful, businesses need to proactively participate in the skills acquisition of their workforce. This might even mean creating the curriculum themselves that talent needs to complete for hire. It begins from the inside out, so thinking about how a company is structured within is step one. Which positions or departments are in demand or experience high turnover? And what are the skills required for these open positions? By creating a pathway of requirements, businesses can begin to map out how talent will progress from one position to the next and career advancement will become transparent. Now is the time to introduce these opportunities to local schools and the community at large.


Pathway Advancement to College and Career for Business (PACC-B)  is the perfect tool to help companies create customized pathways for schools and other external groups. Once you accomplish this, you’ll have an effective talent pool of potential employees to hand-pick from that will be trained according to your specifications. To learn more about how Capture Education can help your business create career pathways, contact us or schedule a demo.