Pathway Advancement to College and Career for Business

How Can Schools and Businesses Work Together to Fill the Career Gap?


Many high school students don’t know what they want to be when they grow up. To compound this, they often aren’t aware of the potential careers available to them in their communities. Many companies lack qualified candidates to fulfill open positions. As a result, it’s difficult for them to forecast salary budgeting and estimate job fulfillments for the months ahead, let alone the years ahead. What if there was a way to match a student interested in a career path with an employer that could train them to their specific job requirements? Meet Pathway Advancement to College and Career for Business (PACC-B).


PACC-B is a flexible software that allows businesses to create pathways for schools that students can complete to fulfill future positions. By using career exploration tools and student interest surveys, students can discover school pathways of interest to them. When these job-specific pathways are designed and created by local companies with opportunities for job placement before graduation, the results are powerful. Not only do students become more motivated, but they become more aware of the world that awaits them beyond their education!


PACC-B allows employers to help schools eliminate outdated courses and pathways based on job demand. As schools promote company pathways to their students, they provide a more accurate talent pool from which to hire qualified candidates. When schools and businesses are given the opportunity to work together to fill the career gap, they raise student awareness of opportunities and create a more successful future for all involved.


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