Forming a talented workforce starts from the inside out. Take a moment to think about how your company is structured. You likely have different departments and positions that make up your overall team. Now think about which positions or departments are in high demand or routinely experience turnover. Understanding how to successfully fill these gaps with the right talent at the right time can be a struggle, not to mention a depletion of resources and a headache. By taking the time to thoughtfully plan for the skills acquisition and career advancement of your staff, you can fulfill vacancies months or even years in advance, while retaining the best and brightest employees. It all begins with a career pathway.


Every position has a different set of requirements. Creating pathways out of these requirements ensures that all positions are filled by highly-qualified individuals with the right skill set for the job. By creating career pathway requirements, businesses can begin to map out how talent will progress from one position to the next and career advancement will become transparent. Not only will employees keep their skills up to date and be more motivated, but managers will be able to see who is most qualified to fill an open position based on pathway completion. It doesn’t end there. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Once you get your own house in order, it’s time to introduce your career pathways externally to the community at large.


Pathway Advancement to College and Career for Business (PACC-B)  is the perfect tool to help companies create customized career pathways, both internally and externally. Once you define your pathways, you’ll have a steady pool of talent that will be trained to your specifications. You can rest easy knowing that your team is thriving. To learn more about how Capture Education can help your business create and implement career pathways, contact us or schedule a demo.