Scheduling Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to get started on your student and teacher master schedules. With semester exams quickly approaching during this busy time, it’s easy to forget that course requests and scheduling comes right after the holiday break. Putting in a little work beforehand can save you so much time and stress afterwards. A little preparation on your part allows you to hand over the rest to our support team to finish it for you. It’s called ScheduleSMART Plus.

To begin, we’ll gather all needed data for input into your student and teacher master schedules. Next, we’ll discuss with you a blueprint of the schedules you’d like to create. We’ll send you a teacher master and student schedules with a list of any conflicts for your review. Once you’ve resolved any conflicts, we’ll make the changes to your schedules. We’ll provide you with a final schedule, as well as detailed reports. Finally, we’ll conduct one last review before uploading your schedules to your student information system (SIS), including ProgressBook and PowerSchool. It’s that simple!

Let us take the stress out of your scheduling season by creating your teacher and student master schedules for you, while maintaining the flexibility to use your school’s individual constraints. You’ll achieve the best possible schedule for your school and students, in as little as two weeks. There’s no greater gift than that!

To learn more about how Capture Education can help your school create student and teacher master schedules this holiday season, contact us or schedule a demo.