Our proprietary algorithm automates the manual process of creating your student and teacher master schedules while maintaining the flexibility to use your school’s individual constraints. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface leads the user through the fastest and most accurate master schedule builder on the market today.

With ScheduleSMART, creating student-centered master schedules can be done in as little as two days. Use our flexible platform to customize your school schedule. Add your school’s constraints such as academic options, small learning communities, teacher collaboration time, lunch periods, and other required scheduling periods.

Generate multiple schedules with different variables in order to compare results and get a balanced schedule that meets the needs of your school and, most importantly, your students. Keep an eye on graduation requirements. Generate detailed reports with ease. Eliminate human error and save time!


ScheduleSMART is all this and more. Give us a half hour of your time, and we’ll show you how we can transform your scheduling process. Let’s go through an online demo together so you can see precisely how ScheduleSMART will integrate with your existing process, saving you time and making the most accurate schedule you’ve ever had.

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