Pathway Advancement to College & Career (PACC)


Pathway Advancement to College & Career is a flexible software solution providing students, parents, counselors, and schools full visibility and optimizing capabilities in the student pathway completion process.

As education moves more towards pathway-focused curriculum, state defined and student selected pathways are becoming more common. These pathways are designed to offer more focused coursework to better prepare high school graduates for entry into the workforce or postsecondary education.


PACC Provides:

  • An easy to use student interest survey that creates bias-free student pathway recommendations based on Holland coding.


  • Automatically generated course request options for each student based on student data uploaded into PACC.


  • A portal for students, parents, and counselors to view and manage generated course requests and pathway progress, as well as evaluate alternative pathways a student may be considering.  


PACC also includes our cutting edge Industry Certification Tracking Tool which can be fully customized to the needs of your learning community. It aggregates data that your district collects, empowering you to easily review student progress toward program completion.

Give us a half hour of your time, and we’ll show you how we can transform your scheduling process. Let’s go through an online demo together so you can see precisely how PACC will integrate with your existing process. You’ll eliminate human error and increase your number of program completers.

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